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Pranayaam  (Breath Control) means control of the motions of exhalation and inhalation.

Method Of  Pranayaam (Breath Control)

Sit comfortably in Padmasan or in any suitable posture. Let internal breath be thrown out with force through the nostrils and retained outside according to one`s capacity. After having resorted to this external process thrice, let the breath be taken in slowly to retain it there, to be thrown out in gradual process should be brought into play repeatedly according to one`s will and capacity.

The retained or suspended breath needs to be held up voluntarily at one`s will for a while. During this process inhalation of the air is kept at bay. This practice of holding up the breath is known as “Stambha-Vritti” which enhances the power of concentration. So long as mastery over breath-control is not feasible or when its attainment causes uneasiness, throw out breath slowly, but let the breath drawn in be suspended midway. In the same way exhalation or inhalation of the air be adhered to according to one`s will and capability. This is known as “Vahya-abhyanyaral-shepi” Kriya. All these four processes constitute a fill Pranayaam.


Benefits of  Pranayaam (Breath Control)    

By doing Pranayaam regularly,  the body gets full rest. The abdomen is purified of the vile fluids and gases, Constipation and other impurities. The fat of the stomach gets arrested and chest gets widened. It enhances the power of concentration, the circulation of blood and restores the done either in the morning or in the evening at a open pale.

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