Kapalbhati Yoga for better health

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Kapal means skull and Bhati means shine or lustre. Thus this term literally means skull shining. Kapalbhati is a pranayam also besides one of the six cleaning exercises. Actually this Kriya or cleansing process is a milder form of Bhastrika, another vigorously breathing exercise.

Persons with High Blood Pressure problems or pus in the ear should refrain from doing this exercise.

We are not giving its elaborate technique, lest it may confuse the reader. We request the reader to learn it from an expert in Yogic Kriyas. We are now giving only its benefits.


This Kapalbhati, or Bhastriks are very good invigorating ezercise which cleanses the entire respiratory system by forcefully rushing exhalation. It improves concentration and mental retention. The movement of the diaphragm stimulates the stomach, heart, liver and spleen. This exercise is very good for eyes.


The Cow face posture

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