Hasya Yoga (Laughter Yoga) for better health

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                                    Hasya Yoga (Laughter Yoga)

Laughter tickles your funny bones, but also helps to keep check on anxitety, depression, allergies and thereby resulting diseases. Laughter therapy is becoming very popular. People are seen taking part where they laugh every early morning. The laughter improves our immune system by cutting out negative emotions. The allergic ailments like common colds, sore throats and chest infections are reduced. For regular practice, the laughter clubs are formed. It enables people shed their inhibitions, develop self-confidence, and achieve overall fitness. Group laugh creates a strong feeling of fellowship among participants, generating subtle but powerful vibrations that effect the whole group. A session of about 20 minutes each morning consists of various forms of laugh.

Stimulated :

It begins with deep breathing and a loud Ho-Ho-Ha-Ha exercise in a group to induce big laughs.


Here the people enthusiastically reach for the heavens, by loud laugh with arms opened widely. Repeated for 10 to 15 times to feel exuberant.

 Silent :

It involves opening the mouth as wide as possible for about 15 seconds and laughing without vocalising sounds. It is then followed by sudden loud laughter at least three times in succession.

Dancing :

The group dances and laughs together, following it up with clapping. It is like a religious jubilation where people laugh instead of reciting verses with clapping. It sheds all inhibitions, and release all stresses and strains.

For this genders are united. Men and women form separate human chains, holding hands and laughing while walking in a circular motion.


The Cow face posture (Gau Mukh Assan)

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