The Cow face posture (Gau Mukh Assan)

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The cow face posture :- Since this posture imitates the face of a cow, it is known by this name.

Method : Sit down on the left leg at the knee and sit on the left foot. Fold the right leg and place the right thigh on the left thigh with the help of your hands. Now, lifting your buttocks bring the heels of both the feet together till they touch each other. Gold the left arm now behind your back over the shoulder. fold the right arm behind the back but under the right shoulder.

Now bend the fingers of both the hands into two hooks to clasp each other. Remain in the pose with normal breathing for about 30 seconds. Keep your head and back erect and eyes gazing straight at some chosen point.

Repeat it reversing the position and hands and maintain the pose again for 30 seconds. |Then come out of the pose and relax. Do this exercise at least a couple of time with each hand. Whichever breast a lady wants to tone up,  she most do this exercise more with the hand of that side.

Benefits :  This exercise strengthens the breast and shoulder muscles and makes the legs, muscle also more elastic. This exercise is good for males and females both.

In simpler form this asana can be dine sitting, with leg and bring the foot near the right knee. Bring your left hand to touch the left foot and take your right arm behind the back. Exhaling twist your spine and beck towards the right as far as possible. Inhaling come back to the original position.Now take your right arm around the left knee and left arm behind the back. Exhaling twist the spine and the neck towards the left. Inhaling release the twist and come back to the original position. Now do the same asana with the right leg bent and the left leg straight. Repeat three to five times.


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