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                                          AGNISAR PRANAYAMA

Method of Agnisar: Stand or sit erect. If you choose to stand, keep your feet at least a foot apart. Bend forward from the waist and as you do so, slightly bend your knees, while placing your hands on the thighs.

If you decide to attempt the asana while sitting. Place hands on knees.

Now exhale fully, forcing the air out of your lungs. While holding the breath out, move your stomach, preferably, below the navel, in and out. Do it for as long as you feel comfortable.

At the slightest hint of discomfort, inhale deeply from the nose, filling your lungs fully with air. For starters, you may realise that you cannot pull in the stomach for this asana more than eight to ten times. Aim to raise this to at least 20 times. Over the time, as you are able to hold your breath longer, it will become easier to touch the magic figure of 20. Repeat this asana at least three to five times aster a short break.


  • Agnisar Pranayama routine massages all the digestive organs, Making them work more efficiently.
  • The Blood circulation improves, especially to vital organs like the liver, pancreas ans spleen.
  • It is also a cure for indigestion ans constipation.
  • The lungs are stimulated as you first exhale, then hold your breath, finally filling them up completely with air.
  • The diaphragm is moved up and down and the heart also gets a gentle massage.

The other advantage is that you need no special equipment, clothes or even the mandatory mat. You can practise this asana as you wait for the hot water to fill up for your bath, or while you look into the mirror at home.

You could do it as you wait for the milk to boil in the kitchen, or as you sit on the chair glued to the TV screen.


This routine is strictly for people with healthy hearts. Don`t attempt this asana if you have any complaints of high blood pressure or if you are recovering from a stomach operation.

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